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Our clients

Lisa Glazebrooke & Gus


training for 50 mile marathon

Hikes,Runs, Digs, Hunts, Splashes, Plays in
sandpits on 160 acres of fields ,forests, & groomed trails
He gets his workouts on steep hills as he races his buddies
Gus is now running 25km with Lisa training for
50 mile marathon in August.



"Porter"  Owned by Aileen is often refered to as our Greeter has been here meeting New and old Friends for 5yrs.He hikes,runs hunts,plays with our guests throughout each day.Special recognition for Porter as last summer he successfully tracked through fields and forest a lost canine for her owner that ran off in a thunder storm,Porter is a weimerimer,Three Cheers for Porter and his great tracking skills,and thanks to Aileen for  sharing Porter with all guests at "Howlin Good Times"


"Gryphon" owned by Martha Grove is another constant face appearing at "Howlin Good Times"This Airedale always has bounce in his step,every Monday,Wednesday and Friday when he meets the schuttle at pickup in Drayton Valley.Beaming with his unique persoanality he bounces his way,joining his hiking buddies to see who can get the wettest in every avaliable pond ,or  in the pools provided within the play areas.Thank You Martha for choosing "Howlin Good Times" as Gryphon's Daycare.



Tank & Lola owned by Mark Hudson started coming to "Howlin Good Times" when Mark was working in Ft.McMurray."Howlin Good Times" was choosen for their stay because of what we could offer for long stay guests, loads of room to run and play.Mark was then sent off to work in AbuDabai for several months."Tank & Lola" happily greeted Mark upon his return.They displayed much improved obedience,manners and had shiney slick coats due their change in diet raw food & high quality kibble was fed.Tank & Lola continue to stay while Mark is working away.